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LETTERS of Richard Del Connor

Buddha Zhen Live concert at Commerce Street Fair
Buddha Zhen
Performing Tujunga Festival 2007

Coyote Rock Opera
Coyote In A Graveyard
Performing Rock Opera

Folk Rock Troubadour
The Hippy Coyote
Folk Rock Troubadour

Badfinger bassist
The Coyote
Session Bassist 1975 to 1985

Best dad in the world
Mr. Mom
1991 to 2009

Wall chart album plan
Record Producer
Shaolin Records Owner

Tujunga home 2008
Music Publisher
500 Songs need to be heard

Shaolin Records STUDIO
American Zen
America's First Buddhist Rock Band

I miss my drums
Home Studio
Recording Album 2008

Album graphics by Coyote
8 Levels to Nirvana
Spiritual Music of Love and Sex
(All American Zen albums include poetry and Buddhist philosophy)

The 8 LEVELS of American Zen represent the 8 LEVELS of Zen Buddhist Spirituality.

Currently I am on LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY, where I am integrating together all the aspects of my life, instead of separating them apart.

Psychedelic dog
Music Video Producer
"Great Salt Lake" at YouTube

Madame Wongs West
PreMarriage Band
Eagles Keyboardist, Mike Thompson, and Chicago group bassist, Jason Scheff


Letters to:  David Ferreria

Dear David:

June 6, 2010

Go to www.LEVEL4KungFuCowboy.com

The songs for the new album, KUNG FU COWBOY PART 1 are all there with MUSIC SAMPLES.

If you purchase the album, you'll be one of the first and you can reassure me that my PayPal buttons are working correctly.

What do you need to promote me?

Let's meet this week.


Richard Connor

p.s. How do your friends like my Masonic storyline? I'll need you as my attorney to protect me from breaking any Masonic laws now. I'm telling the story of Hiram Abif in this rock opera album.

The next album, KUNG FU COWBOY PART 2, will tell the story of a Master Mason. It was going to a story about ME, but I've found an exciting new way to tell the story of making a Master Mason... This will be my movie that will "save the world" or at least improve it a whole bunch.

Now, I can see that I really need a Freemason attorney as I weave Masonry into the story of my life.


Dear David:

May 17, 2010

Go to www.HippieBuddha.com

My newest website. I just got it last week.

I haven't been doing podcasts this year, so my websites have been a little bit of my story. Problem is my story's been so desperate--it's not fun to write about.

Help. I need some success. (Financial type.)


Dear David:

May 13, 2010

Go to www.KungFuCowboy.com

I've got my final mix of "Kung Fu Spider" there.

This should get those A&R guys tapping their feet.


Dear David:

May 1, 2010

You were right, I, "need an opportunity."

So I spoke to my daughter and said "what do I ask for?"

She said, "Get a major record label deal as a classic rock artist."

She then went on to describe me as the only person in the world who sounds like Cream, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors...all the time.

So here is my pitch:

I've been performing Rock'n'roll, Blues and Folk Rock since 1967.

My music and songs sound like:

Psychedelic, I am Jimi Hendrix (but responsible and healthy)

British Blues, I sound like Cream:
I can sing and play bass like Jack Bruce
I can sing and play guitar like Eric Clapton
I can play drums like Ginger Baker.

Folk Rock, I sound better than Bob Dylan:
I am better looking but have clever poetry
I can perform solo and sing better than Bob.

British Rock, I sound like The Rolling Stones and The Kinks:
I have the masculinity of The Stones (without drug addictions)
I have the lead singer charisma of Mick Jagger (without eye makeup)

Surf Rock, I sound like the Beach Boys and Dick Dale:
I rip on my Stratocaster and have that California sound
I have unique and interesting vocal harmonies like the Beach Boys:

Producer Rock, I am self-produced and innovative:
I have the abilities of Todd Rundgren and
I have the skills of Felix Papallardi of Cream and Mountain

Folk Music, I am a troubadour with a guitar
I am compared to Donovan
I am versatile on acoustic instruments and the Chinese pipa

Poet Rock, I am compared to The Doors
I have a rock opera song writing styles that could be soundtracks also
My poetry is liked by Jim Morrison fans

Blues music, I was renowned as a blues guitarist in the 70s:
I have studied and emulated the black artists that inspired the classic rock artists
I have been inspired by Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, and Mick Abrahms

Rock Opera Rock, I started writing rock operas in 1975:
I have music stories comparable to Tommy by The Who
and Jesus Christ Superstar

With all these stylings and abilities, NO ONE has ever been able to market me.

So now, let's market me as THE BEST OF ALL CLASSIC ROCK, rolled up into one person who can play all the instruments, write all the songs, and sing all the lyrics.

I prefer working with bands, but I have by necessity filled in the missing band seats so many times, that I can play them all.

I was called, "the best flutist in Utah," in the early 1990s. I tried to stir up attention by calling myself, the best flutist in the world, but everyone just agreed with me.

I was the ORGANIST of Panamericana 513 in 2009 performing mostly on my flute, and sometimes my acoustic guitar.

Oh yeah, I can play anything Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull can play...

So with all this talent,
the ability to be my own recording engineer and record producer,
the ability to master my own recordings, (and build my own mastering lab--I designed and built FUTURE DISK on Cahuenga and Capitol Reocrds, MCA...)
the ability to create my own album covers in Quark and Photoshop,
the ability to create my own websites,
the ability to create internet products and market them with CGI scripts or PayPal,
the ability to be my own music publisher administrator,
and the ability to manage my own finances,
I just NEED AN OPPORTUNITY with a major label.

What label could MARKET ME, a youthful hippie, a CLASSIC ROCK ARTIST?

Although I'm 56, because of my healthy lifestyle of teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu since 1980, I haven't aged like all my contemporaries. It's as if I've been cryogenically frozen for 30 years, ready to resume my rock'n'roll career at age 25.

I play and record my songs from the beginning to end = Old School.

I am a cinematographer and graduate of UCLA Motion Picture Program with music videos and Kung Fu instructional videos to make.

I am a poet with books to publish. A novelist with stories. and screenplays....

What record company do you know that wants to market Classic Rock like Led Zepellin and The Beatles?

What label would be proud to have a John Lennon who wants to improve the world?

What label wants me:
The Hippy Coyote
Buddha Zhen
Richard Del Connor

I don't care what name I work under.

I just want to do my work.

Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote, Buddha Zhen, Dicky Dare...

p.s. I checked into the Midnight Mission a week ago. I am a desperate Mason. I do need help. Financially, I am drowning and need help. My rent is behind. I've been without heat for months, and the internet has been disconnected and my old phone has a battery that dies after two phone calls. I'm barely hanging on. So I hope that as a fellow Freemason you will see me as an opportunity to do a good deed. I hope that as a fellow artist you will be proud to sponsor me. I hope that as a person you will see my value and take pride in launching my career that could have significant rewards for you.

I hope you are the person to put my life and career on track.



Regarding my creative properties at WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY:

My exwife was working at the ENDEAVOR AGENCY in 2005... and tried to do me a favor by submitting my screenplay, COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD, and my novel, SID'S PLACE, to the agents who worked there.

I give her credit for destroying my photography career, movie career, and recording industry career, so she was probably more interested in reaping some benefits than rebuilding my careers.

Still, she got my works into the hands of the following people. I didn't sign anything with anyone, and as far as I know she didn't either. She says she didn't receive any "options" from them... so I don't know that I am obligated or connected to any of the following agents regarding these projects.

I have a copy of a breakdown they did on my novel, SID'S PLACE, to make a movie out of it. They regarded it well, but as far as I know, they didn't move forward with it. My exwife, Michelle McCarty, left Endeavor under uncomfortable circumstances that I was never informed of...so that's all the business end that I know of regarding these projects at Endeavor. We weren't actually married. We had two children common law, but she ran off and left me to raise them...

AGENTS of ENDEAVOR involved with Richard Del Connor, Richard O'Connor, The Coyote projects:

Craig Gartner (Michelle says he left to form his own agency)

Elia Infascelli
     He did the screenplay "breakdown" for Ari, the head of the Endeavor Agency.

Chris Donnelly
     Michelle said he was involved, but I don't know if it was with the screenplay or the novel.

Jonathan Bluman
     Michelle said he was a fan of one or both projects.

Andrew Weitz
    Michelle McCarty was was working for Xerox, as the manager of the agency print shop when she submitted my works to these agents and their assistants.



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